Why was a $0.01 Payal payment sent to me?

Find out why we send a $0.01 PayPal payment to you before your first payment

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Why was a $0.01 Payal payment sent to me?

When you make your first withdrawal, our payments team will send $0.01 to your PayPal account, which is one of our anti-fraud checks, where we are checking that:

  • Your account details on Earn Doing match those on your PayPal account.
  • Your location on Earn Doing matches where you created and verified your PayPal account.

If you fail the checks above, then your account will be suspended for breeching the following terms of service.

You must provide valid and truthful information while using the site. This means during registration while communicating with Earn Doing and while completing Earn Doing offers

If suspended, for this reason, we will not reopen your account if you contact us.

If you have any concerns about this check, then please submit a support ticket.

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